Health Problem Solution Baba Ji

“Health is wealth” is a true saying. When our minds and bodies are strong and vibrant, we can do so many things with ease and comfort. It is important to note that astrology is no substitute for proper medical advice and treatment. On the physical plane, we are all influenced by the placement of Venus in our chart for the expression of beauty in our lives. 

We do offer a number of insightful reports that can reveal some of the deeper karmic issues with health or beauty problems and targeted remedies.

Know your health patterns through the Health Report and know which way your health will go in planetary periods to come. Find out all about your health good or poor, disease or accident, surgery or alternative therapy etc. We make use of the Medical astrology – a branch of Indian astrology in which an astrologer analyzes the horoscope to determine the emotional and intellectual predispositions preceding the disease of illness. In the health report our expert astrologer will provide detail of various diseases and health disorders which are caused by the planetary positions. The Health Report will also provide insight into the timing of events and will give you clues as to when problems may begin, or fade off. We will try our level best to answer all possible questions through our personalized health report. Here are a few questions related to health to get you started: When will my health improve? I am doubtful about the diagnosis. Is it correct or not? Will I have to undergo a surgery? Will I have to face any accident in future? How can I improve my health? Whether I have depression or suicidal tendencies? Best diet, mantras, Yantras and remedies for improving health.

Astrology is very important in the field of health as all of us incarnated under some Zodiac sign.

Every Zodiac or astrology sign corresponds to a part of the human body and therefore regulate and governs the energy at this particular body spot. The Law of Correspondence exists with astrology and the human body. You will always find correspondence in Nature and the Universe, and with numbers and numerology.


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