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Stri Vashikaran Mantra

Stri Vashikaran Mantra,
How and how is the Stri Vashikaran mantra done, which you should know, the woman whose name is to be discharged, the name of the woman, and the age of the photo, and the age should be unsecured, which the Astrologor Vikrant will tell you,

स्त्री वशीकरण मंत्र को कैसे और किस विधि से किया जाता है

स्त्रीणां  प्रतिकरंति कृत्वा पिष्टेन प्रतिवसरम | 
साज्याहुति त्रयंतस्य वशमायान्ति नान्यथा || 
वा मंत्रराजं जपित्वा तू यथाविधि महोदरम | 
दशांशे जुहुयानमंत्री राजिकलवणन च       || 
तदभस्म वामहस्तेन गृहीत्वा ताडयेत स्त्रियम | 
समागच्छति सा नारी मदनानलविह्रवा      ||  

Female Vashikaran Mantra It is done by the above method and by the mantra, by making a woman's body for the woman to be sprayed, the woman is subdued by giving three times a day of ghee, or the Ganapati's mantra is chanted and tenth of salt and salt is prepared by offering a sacrifice Whatever is taken by the left hand, or the marriage of a married woman, or the married woman is to be discharged, by putting her on the woman, under the control of the seeker Are.
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